Why Getting Older For You Will Be Easier Than It Is For Your Grandparents

Do your grandparents call you asking to help them with the tv? Don’t you wish you can video chat with them? Getting older won’t be as difficult for us, technology will keep us connected.

1. You won’t need help figuring out how the fancy tv works

2. You can use your iphone to cheat during trivia at the senior center

3. you can still see how your family is doing via facebook….even if they don’t call.

4. Video games will never get old…

5. and they will keep you in shape. Which is important because…

6. you still need to look good…If you’re feeling lonely

7. and your desktop is an endless scrap book.

8. Frank Sinatra is good but…

9. Hip Hop will keep you young

10. We all get old…so keep those you love close!

11. Oh and you will post your fart sounds on vine, twitter, instagram, and facebook.

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