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    What It's Like Living With A Pink Addiction

    I believe in pink.

    Ever since you can remember, pink was a part of your world.

    All little girls love pink but for you it was different.

    No other color could compare.

    All you could draw as a child was anything pink.

    You needed everything to be pink.

    Even the small details.

    No, literally EVERY small detail.

    What!? Only Wednesdays?

    Sick of Pink?!...Never!

    In your book, pink is acceptable at any age.

    You have no problem knowing this will be you at age 60.

    Some people think you are crazy and over do it with the pink.

    You wonder if pink eye is even a bad thing.

    And you don't think Pink wears nearly enough pink.


    In too much pink? Impossible.

    Like it or not your husband will have to deal with your pink wedding.

    And living in your pink house.

    With your happy pink children!

    Your perfect pink dog..

    And celebrating all your favorite holidays with pink.

    It's a fact: Pink just makes us feel happier!

    And sexier!

    There's no such thing as tacky when pink is involved.

    Only pure class.

    So go on and let them laugh!

    Work your pink thing and show them what you got.

    Nothing can come between you and pink!

    Because you know nothing compares to pink!

    Because you are living in a pink world.

    And you are a material....

    I mean pink, girl!