How Movies Give Us Unrealistic Prom Expectations

High school prom is a popular theme in movies/tv. As awesome and classic the prom scenes are they also give us an unrealistic view on what actual prom is really like.

1. Having a Barbie dress theme is only awesome in the movies

2. There is never a backup date waiting around incase your date bails on you

3. I thought the DJ would be cool like Usher and my entire class would know an awesome dance.

4. My school only had a budget for the wedding DJ

5. Chances are slim your prom date will be as perfect as Heath Ledger

6. I figured dancing at prom should be cute and fun since there will be school faculty!

7. but my classmates idea of cute and fun is different….plus we are never going to see the teachers again!

8. I thought dancing in a gazebo would look like this….

9. but the school is on a budget.

10. I thought my entire class would become professional dancers overnight….

11. but we’ve got to use the moves god has given us.

12. your date will still take you to prom even if you can’t afford it.

13. Pretty pretty..pretty good.

14. Pretty much a fail

15. …Beyonce isn’t a movie but the unrealistic expectations are certainly real.

16. Josie knows what I’m talking about…

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