Elevator Moments We All Deal With

Do you use an elevator everyday? Then you might relate to any/all of these.

1. You push the button even if it was clearly already pressed.

2. You push it a few more times (thinking it will speed things up).

3. It takes you a few seconds to get used to the order of the numbers if it is an unfamiliar elevator….

Those few seconds feel like hours as everyone else in the elevator looks at you like you’re dumb.

4. You push the wrong button and play it off like it never happened.

5. No one ever really knows where to look…

6. Sometimes the door opens to a silent crowded elevator while they look at you as though you did something wrong….

And the door slowly closes because there is no room.

7. Sometimes you feel forced to make small talk…but they don’t understand your humor.

8. ….One minute later you realize you forgot to push the button.

9. Do you say hello? Give a half smile? Say bye? Give a half goodbye nod?

10. The ride always seems so long when everyone in the elevator is friends and you’re riding solo.

11. And WTF…the guy that holds the elevator FOREVER. Then the person doesn’t even end up coming.

12. You have never been in an elevator with music, elevator music is a lie.

13. You wonder if anyone is really watching the elevator camera….

14. Oh well, pick your wedgie anyway!

15. or scratch…

16. All in all, it’s better than the stairs!

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