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    16 DIY Costumes Based On Your Favorite '90s Movie Character

    In case you don't remember, the '90s were a time when everything was awesome and the movies fucking ruled.

    1. Never Been Kissed: Josie Geller

    Borrow a tray from the cafeteria, buy some chocolate milk from the supermarket, and wear those white pants you put away on Labor Day. You will be the be the most popular girl at the party! Even if your nickname is Josie Grossie.

    2. Clueless: Cher

    Just make sure your shopping bags are appropriately '90s Beverly Hills.

    3. Mrs. Doubtfire

    Seriously, all you need is a blue robe and a can of frosting. And anyone who can't guess who you are has to lick all the icing off of your face.

    4. American Beauty: Angela Hayes

    Supply list: rose petals and skin.

    5. Forrest Gump

    If you already have a beard and own anything from American Apparel, you're halfway there.

    6. There's Something About Mary

    7. Ace Ventura

    8. Toy Story: Army Men

    For the young costume party-goer with a fiendish affection for monochromatics.

    9. Pulp Fiction: Mia Wallace

    Don't forget the obligatory cigarette and practice your bedroom eyes!

    10. Home Alone: Sticky Bandits

    You might get mistaken for a hobo, but know that on the inside, you are just a lovable bumbling oaf.

    11. Wedding Singer: Robbie Hart

    Maybe you just got dumped! Or maybe you're just a loser who lives in your sister's basement. Either way, this one will really resonate with you!

    12. Men in Black

    All you need is a suit and some douchey sunglasses.

    13. Wayne's World

    14. Tommy Boy

    All you need is a shrunken blazer for your larger-than-life body.

    15. Sister Act: Sister Mary Clarence

    All items can be repurposed for an outfit that is legitimately pretty cool.

    16. Pretty Woman: Vivian Ward

    ....just make sure you don't do this.

    But feel free to do this and party on!