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    20 DIY Ways To Pimp Your Bike

    If your bike is your best friend, give it some TLC.

    1. Simple Flower Basket

    2. Mint Spray Paint Job

    3. Simple Painted Bike Bell

    4. Color Swatch Bike Wheels

    5. Paint Stick Basket

    6. Crochet Bike Skirt

    7. Reel Bike Storage

    8. Tube Light Up Bike

    9. Or try this....

    10. Matching Light Up Citi Bike Helmet

    11. DIY Wall Bike Rack Made from Old Handlebars

    12. Daisy Bike Streamers

    13. DIY Eco Bike Shopper

    View this video on YouTube

    Check out the step-by-step video.

    14. Graffiti Bike

    15. Crochet Bike Seat

    16. Pallet Bike Rack

    17. Bicycle Planter

    18. DIY Studded Snow Tires from Zip Ties

    19. Mini Bike Bar

    20. Handmade Leather Cup Holder

    Don't forget to have fun with your bike.