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    21 Reasons Labradoodles Are Wonderful

    There are endless reasons why I believe Labradoodles are one of the best dogs a man can have.

    1. They Are The Cutest Puppies!

    2. They Come In Many Sizes

    3. ...And Colors.

    4. They Are Great With Children

    5. They Are Smarter Than Most Dogs

    6. Excelent Swimmers!

    7. It's Like Having Your Own Living Teddy Bear...

    8. ....Or Lion

    9. They Make Great Personal Assistants

    10. Also A Great Therapy Dog!

    11. They've Got Tons Of Sex Appeal

    12. And Sooooo Affectionate

    13. They've Got Tons Of Hair And Don't Even Shed!

    14. Still Just As Cute...Even With Out The Hair.

    15. Get Close....They Are Hypoallergenic Dogs.

    16. They Have Human Features

    17. They Dress Up With You!

    18. They Are Extraordinary Actors

    19. ...Investigators

    20. They Keep Your Bed Warm For You

    21. And Will Always Be By Your Side.