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    Posted on Apr 18, 2013

    20 Reasons Why Space Jam Is The Best Movie Of The 90's

    Space Jam has touched all our lives one way or another. Which makes it the best 90's movie of all time!


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    No doubt the best 90's movie theme out song...road trip song...jumbotron song...

    2. So good even the website is the same

    3. Michael's Secret Stuff

    You would joke with your friends in gym class to drink Michael's Secret Stuff before a basketball game

    4. Lola

    Even though she was a bunny she still was hot.

    5. Die Hard fans


    6. You Played This on Sega

    7. Oh and You Played This...

    8. While wearing this...

    9. While you're in bed in these sheets

    10. Wore this on the basketball courts

    11. The movie even had it's own pinball machine!

    12. Bill Murray Rules

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    13. Wayne Knight gets crushed

    14. Everyone Had The Action Figures

    15. Even McDonalds got in on the action

    16. Michael Jordan has an outrageous slam dunk

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    17. Remember this!?

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    18. Truly Inspirational Songs

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    19. Space Jam had changed all our lives in one way or another

    20. Thank you Michael Jordan!