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    16 Peculiar Job Interview Suggestions

    Everyone wants to be flawless at a job interview. But sometimes the best thing to do is act natural and be yourself.

    1. Come on.... what else says you're qualified more than your cap and gown?

    Think of how relaxed and comfy you'll be in that mumu of a graduation gown.

    2. There is nothing wrong with being over dressed

    3. ....but not TOO OVER DRESSED

    4. Everyone is more comfortable in pajamas.

    You'll nail the interview because you feel uncompromisingly like yourself.

    5. Drive in a rented float to a job interview.

    It will boost your self esteem and looks better than any car someone more qualified for the job may have.

    6. Research all you can about the company before the interview

    7. Try and pull off impersonating Albert Einstein.

    Who wouldn't hire him!

    8. Give a firm fishy business.

    9. Don't brag about how much you love children. Casually mention how well you work with children.

    10. Hide a little puppy in your bag. If the interviewer has a picture of their pet on their desk you know you've "got it in the bag"

    11. You're a great multitasker

    12. Give the interviewer your best eye contact.

    13. Send them a thank you letter for their time and consideration...

    14. ...but if you really want to thank them

    15. ...send them a beer gift basket.

    16. Just be yourself and let your qualifications speak for themselves!

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