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    17 Questions People Ask When They Don't Understand Where You Went To College

    This goes out to all the people who pursued their higher educations in places that didn't meet other people's standards.

    1. "What's that? I think I misheard you. You said you went where for college?"

    2. "Did you not get in anywhere else?"

    3. "So you went to a school where the campus WASN'T EVEN IN A REAL CITY?"

    4. "Why would you do that to yourself?"

    5. "How many schools did you get rejected from?"

    6. "What did you get on your SATs?"

    7. "That place wasn't your first choice, was it? OH SHIT IT WAS?"

    8. "When you applied there, were you just trying to piss off your parents?"

    9. "Do you think that 'interesting school' is going to give you an advantage in the job market?"

    10. "So what did you study there? English? Don't you already speak that?"

    11. "What do you mean you wanted to 'get out of your comfort zone'?"

    12. "You really weren't homeschooled?"

    13. "But why would you willingly go somewhere that was so far away from your friends?"

    14. "You had all A's and you didn't transfer out of that non-place?"

    15. "What were you thinking?"

    16. "There weren't even any direct flights there?"

    17. "And you really can't think of anywhere else you'd rather have gone to college?"