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Dutch Moroccans Protest Against Racism By Posting Selfies

In response to right-winged politician Geert Wilders' comments about wanting less of them around, Dutch Moroccans took up their smartphones and created the hashtag #Bornhere. With their Dutch passports in hand, they show there's no way this politician is getting them out of the country.

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At a rally in The Hague with followers of his Freedom Party (PVV), Wilders asked the people in the crowd if they wanted more, or less Moroccans in The Hague and The Netherlands.

Wilders is known for his anti-Islam and anti-immigration statements, often speeching in favor of deporting non-Dutch descendants 'back to where they came from'.

After asking the audience if they wanted more or less Moroccans, the crowd started chanting: LESS LESS LESS LESS LESS LESS LESS!

In response, Dutch-Moroccan celebrities and citizens alike started posting selfies on Twitter with their Dutch passport in hand, using the hashtag #Bornhere

Some Dutch who originated somewhere else started posting selfies as well, in support of the cause against Wilders.

The only way to get racism to stop, is to take action like these Dutch do.

Because no matter where you were born or where your parents came from, you deserve to be treated with the same respect like everyone else.

Video of said rally, English subtitles available

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Via Youtube: Minettifun
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