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In The Netherlands, You Can Ice Skate In The Streets

It's been so so so cold lately in the northern part of the Netherlands. In combination with rain, this leads to all kinds of winter fun. The wet streets in the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland are completely frozen. So what do you do as a Dutchman when cars and bicycles aren't an option? You ice skate!

hjalmarg • 3 years ago
hjalmarg • 5 years ago

Dutch Moroccans Protest Against Racism By Posting Selfies

In response to right-winged politician Geert Wilders' comments about wanting less of them around, Dutch Moroccans took up their smartphones and created the hashtag #Bornhere. With their Dutch passports in hand, they show there's no way this politician is getting them out of the country.

hjalmarg • 5 years ago

18 Great Stairs You Need To Get On Top Of

Hope you're not afraid of hights!

hjalmarg • 5 years ago

17 Amazing Places In The Netherlands That Aren't In Holland

The Netherlands and Holland are the same, right? Nope, Holland is just a combination of two provinces. And there's so much to explore in the remaining ten!

hjalmarg • 5 years ago