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These Hipster Bookends Will Give Your Library New Light

Unless you're a Kindle reader... Then you can just GTFO.

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Emily Shwake / Buzzfeed / Nifty

You literally have no time for nonsense. You have to get back to reading immediately.

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Throw together these bookends that are also reading lights in less than 24 hours and get back to filling the space between them.


4 wood slabs

Wood glue, $5.57

4 x 1ΒΌ-inch screws

2 Edison lightbulbs, $17.95

2 sockets with cord, $14.99

Super glue , $4.48

Optional: Wood stain, $4.34

1. Fit the light bulb ($17.95) into the socket ($14.99) and measure from the base to the tip on the wood slab. Cut both pieces of wood at that length.

Buzzfeed / Nifty

2. Cut two more slabs at half the length of those measured in the first step.

Buzzfeed / Nifty

3. Using the scraps, cut 1-inch wide slabs.

Buzzfeed / Nifty

4. Use a circular saw to cut a hole into the middle of the smaller wood slab. Sand down the edges.

Buzzfeed / Nifty

5. If you want, this would be the time to apply your wood finish ($4.34).

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Let it dry overnight.

6. Use your wood glue ($5.57) to attach the small slab to the short edge of the long slab. Let it dry overnight.

Buzzfeed / Nifty

7. Create pilot holes and screw the two pieces together.

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8. Glue the 1-inch thick slabs to the bottom.

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9. Thread through the socket and use the super glue ($4.97) the base of the socket into the hole. Let it dry completely.

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10. Screw in the bulb and flip that switch!

Buzzfeed / Nifty

Get back to it, you crazy kid.

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