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Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags

Leave no trace or waste.

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Reusable Snack Bags

Hitomi Aihara / Via BuzzFeed


Food safe fabric (PUI fabric used in video)

Adhesive no-sew velcro strips

Thread and needle or sewing machine



# Cut fabric into desired rectangular shape.

# Lay out the fabric where the outside is facing up, then fold over, leaving about 2 inches.

# Sew both sides.

# Measure out the ribbon by laying it across the top, leaving 1 inch extra on one side. Then lay it over and cut at the other end of the bag.

# Sew on the ribbon.

# Measure the no-sew adhesive velcro tape to the width of the bag. Stick on the lip of the bag. Remove the other side of the tape and fold over the bag so the velcro is on both sides of the bag.

# Use it for any snack. Clean with a sponge and reuse!

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