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    Go Anywhere Nature Calls With This Camper's Toilet Paper Dispenser

    Go in the great outdoors.

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    Make your own toilet paper dispenser for camping! Here's how:



    * Coffee canister

    * Box cutter or knife

    * Rope

    * Toilet paper

    * Antibacterial hand sanitizer

    * Zip plastic bag


    # Measure the height of the toilet paper and mark on the coffee canister.

    # Cut a slit down the points around 1 cm wide.

    # Cut a X on both top and bottom of the canister.

    # Take a piece of rope and thread it through, tying off the ends with a knot.

    # Place toilet paper, antibacterial hand sanitizer, and a plastic bag into the canister, and close it off.

    # Now your toilet paper will be safe from all elements!

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