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    Posted on Dec 16, 2013

    13 Signs You're A College Campus Tour Guide

    Everybody, gather close and listen up, here are some AWESOME and FUN ways you know you are a tour guide for your college! Let's get started!

    1. Walking backwards is second nature.

    2. You would never get out of bed early enough to look presentable for an 8 a.m. class, but you’ll be damned if you look like hell for an 8 a.m. tour.

    3. You know more about your college’s history than U.S. History.

    4. You know every aspect of your school can be aptly described as "awesome".

    5. You bounce excitedly when someone says they’re interested in your major and start fantasizing about being their mentor.

    6. You know how to shut down the hecklers.

    7. You feel awkward telling your non-Guide friends what goes on in the Admissions office because it feels more like a Greek organization. Your training manual might as well be called "Ritual Book of the Fraternal Order of Guides".

    8. Showing off how much you know about your school is how you flirt at parties.

    9. You are each other’s hype man on Open House Weekends.

    10. You get extremely excited to see a freshman who you gave a tour to the year before.

    11. New Guides are like Pledges and you secretly want one to be your Little.

    12. The explanation you give for the way the campus looks on a Saturday morning could earn you a PR gig for the White House.

    13. You legitimately believe you’re campus celebrity.

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