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21 Things From Growing Up That Are Probably Somewhere In Your House

The holidays are the best time to go through your old belongings and take a trip down memory lane. Here are some things worth finding out if they're still in the garage or forgotten about in a moth-filled closet.

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1. Worn-out books from childhood

The pages may be drawn on, ripped, or the inside of the book completely coming loose from the spine, but the glory days (or glory nights) of being read as bedtime stories will never be forgotten.

3. Old bracelets that are now just a tangled mess

What makes this mess more difficult to unravel is the thin elastic that has somehow stretched itself over the beads of other bracelets, causing an intricate and infinite web of frustration.

6. Old school books

As well as notebooks, note cards, and those marble composition notebooks you used as journal in elementary school that now comic gold as you read through some of the interesting thoughts as a kid.

7. Heart lockets

The 90's were filled squeals of little girls getting heart lockets. Because they were the "it" piece of jewelry, even though it was a pain in the neck to cut a picture just right to fit in one before deciding to keep it empty, thus defeating the purpose of a locket.

17. Or actual movies that once filled bookcases

What was worse than a movie not in its jacket? A movie being in the wrong jacket, and having to go through all the movies to find the right one to show at sleepovers while all your friends waited impatiently in their sleeping bags.

21. Fanny packs

Do you want to stand out with neon green or show your softer side with orcas swimming around your waist? If you're really lucky, there may still be ticket stubs, old gum wrappers, and coins in any of the pockets.

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