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11 Reasons Houdini Was Basically A World-Class Athlete

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1. Houdini could hold his breath for over three minutes.

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Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

2. He was ambidextrous — which means he was equally able with both his left and right hand!

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Amateur hour over here.

3. Houdini would be buried six feet underground, just to dig his way out like it was nothing. Just a walk in the park.

You think this is a JOKE, kid?
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You think this is a JOKE, kid?

4. And one time, when the stunt went south, Houdini dug himself out after choking on the dirt he was buried in. / Via

Death. Defying.

5. Not only would Houdini regularly escape from straightjackets, he frequently did it suspended upside down by his ankles.

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6. Did we mention that when he was suspended upside down, it was often from construction cranes several stories high?

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7. Houdini survived in an airtight underwater box for 90 minutes, even though it is estimated the box contained between 5 and 15 minutes of air.

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Mind blown, amirite?

8. Houdini claimed to be able to withstand any blow to the stomach by clenching his abdominal muscles.

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And you struggle with 25 crunches.

9. At age 11, Houdini worked at a local locksmith, and there wasn’t a single lock he couldn’t pick.

OlanRogers, Via / Via The Secrets of Houdini By J. C. Cannell

Age. 11.

10. And at age nine, he was performing a trick that involved picking up pins with his eyelashes.

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Pins. Eyelashes. AGE NINE!

11. Houdini would often ask to be put in high-security prisons and handcuffed, only to stroll out minutes later.

Angry Video Game Nerd , / Via / Via Houdini's Box: The Art of Escape By Adam Phillips

Total BAMF.