10 Reasons Being The Younger Brother Is The Worst

Having siblings is bad enough, but being the younger brother is even worse. But at least you don’t have to settle your disputes on the field of battle. Check out Vikings on Thursdays at 10|9c only on HISTORY.

1. The already used car has been extra used by your brother.

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2. You’re more accustomed to being introduced as “so-and-so’s brother” than by your own name.

3. You couldn’t ride the “big kid” rides at the amusement park and then when you finally could, everyone thought they were “lame.”

emilydickinsonridesabmx (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: emilyrides

4. “Your brother was good at tennis, so you’re going to do tennis, too.”

5. You’ll spend less money on clothes, but the clothes will have gone out of style two years ago.

James Woodson / Getty Images

6. Your musical inclinations are constantly criticized.

Josh Fjelstad / BuzzFeed

7. You will almost certainly have had questionable wrestling moves practiced on you.

8. Your brother’s reputation precedes you in school. Teachers are always like “I remember Ralph!”

9. Your older brother has never missed an opportunity to embarrass you.

my brother just "came out" as a brony ON FAMILY GAME NIGHT

— lil king trash mouth (@sherlickholmes)

10. And if you haven’t seen your relatives in a while, they might mistake you for your brother.

SNL Studios / Via thecasualponder.tumblr.com

But hey, at least you don’t have to literally go to war with your brother when you have a problem to settle.

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Check out Vikings on Thursdays at 10|9c only on HISTORY.

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