14 GIFs Of Cool Guys Walking Away From Explosions

There aren’t many things in this world more badass than calmly walking away from an explosion. And the guys at Count’s Kustoms also know a thing or two about being badasses. From vintage Thunderbirds to classic Corvettes, Danny and the crew of Counting Cars will stop at nothing to find and flip the greatest rides of all time. Catch the season premiere on HISTORY, Tue., April 9 at 9/8C.

1. Walter White - Breaking Bad

AMC / Via youtube.com

2. Pistolero, The Gent and Comanche - Hell Ride

Dimension Films / Via youtube.com

3. Wolverine - X-Men Origins

Marvel Entertainment / Via youtube.com

4. El Mariachi - Desperado

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

5. Bob Barnes - Syriana

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

6. Creasy - Man on Fire

20th Century Fox / Via youtube.com

7. Anton Chigurh - No Country For Old Men

Miramax / Via youtube.com

8. Iron Man

Marvel Studios / Via youtube.com

9. Keyser Soze - Usual Suspects

Gramercy Pictures / Via youtube.com

10. Rammstein - Du Hast

11. James Dial - The Contractor

Sony Pictures / Via youtube.com

12. Seth and Richard Gecko - From Dusk Till Dawn

Dimension Films / Via youtube.com

13. The Stranger - Get Mean

Stranger Productions Inc. / Via youtube.com

14. Ivan Vanko - Iron Man 2

Marvel Studios / Via youtube.com

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