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7 reasons Smallville is the greatest adaptation of the Superman story, like ever.

We miss it.

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1. Jonathan and Martha Kent.

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Everyone who has watched even one episode of Smallville desperately wants Martha and Jonathan to be their parents too. They were so warm, so kind. Jonathan was the strong man of the house who would do anything to protect his family, always gave the best advice, and left a gaping hole in the hearts of all when he left. Martha was the sweet mom who held everyone she loved so dear to her heart, was the rock for Clark to lean on, and always had the right answers. They were the perfect family.

2. Clark's friends.

Lana, Chloe, Lex, Lois, Pete: they all played intricate roles in Clark’s early years, and Smallville really shows that for the first time. In the early seasons, we see Clark fall head over cowboy boots, I guess, for Lana, all the while, Chloe is figuratively beating Clark over the invincible head for him to see how much she loves him. (Talk about a deadly love triangle.) Then, enter Lois Lane, the cousin of Chloe, who is less than charmed by Clark’s farm boy roots. (Of course, that changes as time goes on.) In Smallville, friends are everything.

3. Clark and Lex's backstory.

From their first meeting when Clark saved him in the river, to their love triangle with Lana, to Lex’s boundless search for the truth of Clark Kent, Smallville has given us a true glimpse into the truth behind Clark and Lex’s bitter rivalry. (Oh, and Smallville was the first story to portray Lex as a lovable, gentle villain, which made it all the better.)

4. The endless supply of life lessons.

If there is one thing that Smallville is more chock-full of than meteor rocks, it’s life lessons. Coming from a man from another planet, Clark Kent taught us all what it means to be human.

5. Humor; so much humor.

Okay, Smallville really has mastered the art of how to make being possessed by an evil vampire who has no desires other than to drink the blood of the host’s one true love hilarious.

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