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How To Make Money In The Crypto Boom

If like us, you're constantly hearing about the current boom in cryptocurrencies, but don't quite have capital available to invest - then this list is for you. We go through the way in which you can earn some cryptocurrency by completing small tasks, which is a nice way to enter the market.

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Make Money With Your Selfies

Friendz / Via

Haven't you always wished that you could make money from your selfies, dog pics and pictures of your (likely underwhelming) lunches? Well, there's an App that is launching a service to do just that - check out Friendz and their awesome peer-to-peer social sharing app.

Get Paid To Join A Chat Group

Airdrop One / Via

Some new cryptocurrencies have found a new and exciting way to build their audiences: by giving away free coins! Who doesn't like free things, right? On the platforms and Airdrop One, you can sign up and start receiving a whole host of interesting coins into your virtual wallet - your only task? To join their Telegram (and sometimes follow them on Twitter - hard job, right!). Once they verify that you've completed the tasks, then you are automatically given the tokens. Simple!

Earn Money By Applying For A Job / Via

This option really is a win-win for everyone involved. By creating a profile with, you are able to join a number of lists that are relevant to your personal profile - once you've joined these lists, companies can discover you, and pay a small fee to contact you regarding a job offer. This amazing service cuts out the recruiters, and could find you your dream job.

Complete A Freelancer Task / Via

With the meteoric rise in Crypto comes a whole host of new companies looking for talented Freelancers, or even individuals who can complete relatively easy tasks, to help them streamline the day-to-day running of their company. The best spot for this is the Reddit Group - Jobs4Crypto, where you can find all types of weird, wonderful and sometimes well-paying jobs.

Buy A Micro-Stake In Some Cryptocurrency

Coinbase Ltd. / Via

Last on this list is the riskiest option, and we're in no way encouraging anyone to invest their life savings in cryptocurrency, but there are ways to purchase a micro-stake in some larger cryptocurrencies without breaking the bank. As the old investment saying goes: "Never put in what you're not willing to lose", so, if your net worth is under a few thousand dollars, it's probably wise to invest up to $100 max - have some fun with it, but heed the warning that comes from any seasoned investor. We find that Coinbase is your best bet for buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin - it's secure, simple and regulated by US authorities.

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