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10 Things to Do During the Last Hour of a Flight

New flight restrictions mean air passengers travelling to the US are not allowed any items on their lap, or to leave their seats during the last hour of a flight. What to do with that time?

hintman 9 years ago

The 10 Worst Places to Smuggle Animals

Animal smuggling is a big problem in Asia, and its practicioners try hiding their cargo in all manner of places when attempting to weasel past customs. Take for example the 24 geckos and 20 skinks found in a German tourist's underwear -- ready for sale on the black market. The geckos and skinks have been sent for trauma counseling, the German to the klink. Animals have been found under hats, in carry-on luggage, taped to ankles, and just about anywhere on a body that one can think of. Here are 10 such places.

hintman 10 years ago

5 Sports You’ve Never Heard of

Pick your players and grab an elephant (or granny) -- these Asian sports are definitely 'unique'

hintman 10 years ago

New Yorkers Try On Some Asian Poses

Can New Yorkers stand up to the Asian pose challenge? See how they fare in the 'cheek punch,' 'horns face' and more.

hintman 10 years ago

Asia's Top 5 Funny Beer Commercials

From crude to funny to downright disturbing, beer commercials are meant to get viewers to sip, quaff and chug. Here's a look at five of the more entertaining efforts to move grog in Asia.

hintman 10 years ago

5 Funny Videos Shot On a Plane

Irish aisle dancers battle the rapping flight attendant and a crazy experiment with toilet paper -- who says air travel can't be fun?

hintman 10 years ago

Amazing Video of a Young Chinese Female Chef Twirling Knives

A young Chinese female chef showing her knife twirling stuff in a kitchen somewhere in China. She has incredible skill and dexterity, but I'm not sure how close I'd want to sit to her at the table if she was my teppanyaki chef.

hintman 10 years ago

Nutt Sacking

Bad headline choice.

hintman 10 years ago

FOB Dad Produces Mahjong Rap Video

This mahjong rap video is the result of a father, a video camera, Asian rap music, music-editing software and a game of hardcore mahjong

hintman 10 years ago