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17 Reasons Why Everyone Thinks You're Dating Your GBF

Gay best friends are THE BEST. But sometimes, people can assume that you're more than just friends, and then things get awkward... This goes out to you, Brian, and all of the people who have thought that we're dating.

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1. You HATE spending time apart.


Every single time you two spend more than a few days away from each other, you feel the need to publicly express over social media how much you guys miss each other.

2. You tell everyone the story about how you met.


So this one time at a safe sex seminar the first week of college.... (seriously)

3. You openly hold hands in public.



4. As well as kiss each other on the cheek.


Actually, I'm starting to see why people think we're dating...

5. You have frequent dinner dates.


It's the best! You can eat whatever you want, however you want. No judgement.

6. People get suspicious when he leaves your apartment at 8 am.


Come on, guys. We had a slumber party last night.

7. You have so many inside jokes, it's unreal.


Sometimes it's so bad, you have to stop to explain it to someone so they don't totally feel like a third wheel.

8. You have a million pet names for each other.


But usually, they're pretty awful and/or vulgar.

9. He's always grabbing your ass in public.



10. You talk about him so much, you think people start to get annoyed.


Sorry, people, I don't care what you think. Don't hate me cause you ain't me.

11. When you're upset, he's the first person you call.


He always makes you feel better.

12. The two of you bicker like an old married couple.

13. But that's okay, because you know it will always end in hugs and snuggles.

14. Sometimes, when you're in public, you guys like to pretend that you're dating just to mess with people.


Except you're the only people who think it's funny...

15. He's been in too many of your Facebook profile pictures.

But we just look so good! I couldn't resist!

But we just look so good! I couldn't resist!

16. But when it comes down to it, your relationship is totally platonic.

17. Because thinking of him as anything more than your GBF weirds you out, and makes you throw up a little in your mouth.

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