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14 Things Only Fashion Merchandising Majors Can Understand

Just a day in the life of a fashion merchandising major...

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1. "So you want to design clothes, right?"


* insert description about the business side of fashion here *

2. Not wearing sweatpants because you don't want to be glared at all day.

Paramount Pictures


3. Like, seriously. Are these girls from Gossip Girl?

The CW / Via

4. But then there are those girls that are like:

20th Century Fox / Via

Why are you even majoring in fashion?

5. Asking your friends if you can look at their clothing tags because you want to know the fiber content:

Comedy Central / Via

I just need to know if it's rayon, okay?!

6. Their reaction:

7. Finding the most perfect boots for fall:

Paramount Pictures

8. But when you see the price tag:

9. Seeing that one professor who has a ton of connections in the fashion industry:

Warner Bros. / Via

Pick me! Pick me!

10. When you realize the only guys in your classes are gay:

Fox / Via

11. But then you become friends with them and it's all okay again.

Columbia Pictures / Via

12. Seeing that one girl who seems to look more orange by the day:


Please, do yourself a favor. Stop tanning. You look like a leather handbag.

13. But it's all worth it, because someday this will be you:

20th Century Fox

14. Well, maybe more like this:

20th Century Fox

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