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30 Childhood Shows From The 2000s That You Forgot But Will Be, Like... OMG I Remember That

If you're a Millennial, you 100% watched these shows.

1. Adventures from the Book of Virtues (1996-2000)

A buffalo and two children reading from a giant book
PBS Kids

You learned many important life lessons from Zach and Annie's visits to Plato's Peak.

2. Theodore Tugboat (1993-2001)

Two anthropomorphic tugboats with smiles on their faces

You always enjoyed hearing the stories the Harbormaster had to tell about Theodore and his tugboat friends.

3. The Noddy Shop (1998-2000)

A bunch of toys talking to a little girl and the shopkeepers

Notions, Oddities, Doodads, and Delights of Yesterday was a very special place where the toys (and even the shopkeeper's pet lobster) came to life and could even talk to some of the humans!

4. Elliot Moose (1998-2000)

TV Ontario

The coolest thing about this show? Some episodes were animated, while others featured costumed versions of the cast!

5. Corduroy (2000-2001)

A mom and a daughter holding the Corduroy bear

You were super excited to see that your favorite book had become an animated series on one of your favorite TV channels!

6. 3-2-1 Penguins! (2000-2008)

Two penguins in space suits
Big Idea Productions

This lesser-known series from the creators of VeggieTales took you beyond the countertop and into outer space with a group of four flightless birds.

7. Pecola (2001-2002)

Some blocky penguins and a blocky fox playing socker
TV Tokyo

SpongeBob SquarePants wasn't the only square-shaped cartoon character you watched during your childhood. In the world of Pecola, everyone was that way!

8. Sitting Ducks (2001-2003)

A duck and an alligator riding a moped
Cartoon Network

An alligator in a world of ducks seemed to be a weird premise to you, but it strangely worked.

9. The Saddle Club (2001-2009)

Three girls with their horses
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

And thus, the horse girls you went to school with were born. Having a horse never looked so cool until you saw this show.

10. Yakkity Yak (2002-2003)

A moose and an anthropomorphic pineapple singing into a mic

This was likely your first introduction to stand-up comedians.

11. Ultimate Muscle (2002-2004)

A group of anime characters in wrestling outfits
Toei Animation

This was the wildest show about wrestling you ever saw as a kid (and an adult probably).

12. Hamtaro (2002-2004)

A wide assortment of hamsters with large anime eyes and wide smiles
TV Tokyo

This adorable show made you dream of owning a pet hamster.

13. Fighting Foodons (2002-2003)

Various anime characters holding anthropomorphic food preparing for battle
Group TAC

Your kid mind was probably blown by this amazing show where living foods duked it out against one another.

14. My Dad the Rock Star (2003-2004)

A group of normal kids in the living room of a Kiss-inspired rockstar

This show not only showed how cool it would be living in the same house as a celebrity, but it was also created by Gene Simmons of KISS.

15. The Save-Ums! (2003-2006)

Cute cartoon animals in super hero suits preparing to save the world

These cuties were the proto-Wonder Pets, saving creatures in trouble whenever the need arose.

16. Jacob Two-Two (2003-2006)

A mom and two siblings in capes looking down on a boy

Jacob had many wild adventures with his family and friends.

17. Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (2003-2007)

A duck, a pig, and a cow (all Irish) just enjoying the irish countryside while wearing clothes

This cartoon about anthropomorphic farm animals gave you your first taste of Irish culture.

18. Peep And The Big Wide World (2004-2011)

Three circular cartoon birds enjoying a day outside

These three birds learned about life through the mysteries of nature.

19. Dragon (2004-2007)

Clay-figurine animals on a blank white background
Treehouse TV

Fun fact: this show was inspired by a series of books by Dav Pilkey who wrote Captain Underpants. Isn't that surprising?

20. Mew Mew Power (2005-2006)

Sailor-Moon like anime characters with cat ears
Studio Pierrot

You always tuned in week after week to watch these five animal and food-powered heroines defeat the forces of evil.

21. Danger Rangers (2005-2006)

A bunch of animals in matching super suits in a Hazmat environment
American Public Television

These animal superheroes taught us a lot of important safety lessons from the dangers of fire to preventing hearing loss.

22. Jane and the Dragon (2005-2006)

A red-headed girl rising a giant, smiling dragon

This unlikely friendship between a girl and a dragon made for a very entertaining series that you certainly watched often.

23. Wayside (2005-2008)

A group of cartoon school children on the playground

You loved the books so it was only natural that you'd stumble upon the show at one point or another.

24. Magical DoReMi (2005-2008)

A group of witchy school girls smiling
Toei Animation

Admit it: you always wanted to become a Witchling yourself after watching this show so you could use magic to solve problems.

25. CAKE (2006)

A group of children sitting on a porch

Chances are that if you watched this show, you tried out some of the featured crafts at least once.

26. Hip Hop Harry (2006-2008)

A man in a bear suit dressed in streetwear teaching children about stuff
Discovery Kids

Harry was like Barney the Dinosaur but cooler because he taught you awesome dance moves.

27. Kappa Mikey (2006-2008)

A group of superheroes posing after saving the world

This was a light-hearted parody of many tropes you saw in the anime you watched during your childhood.

28. Seemore's Playhouse (2006-2008)

A group of animal puppets posing in a field of flowers
American Public Television

Another show that taught about safety rules but with a cast of adorable and colorful animal puppets.

29. Wilbur (2007-2008)

A group of barn animals making a sandcastle
Discovery Kids

Before there was Super Why!, we had this lovable bunch of barnyard animals who solved their problems through stories.

30. And lastly, Raggs (2006-2009)

A diverse group of costume dogs dancing in a field
American Public Television

The music of this all-dog band was pretty awesome, to say the least.