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4 Ways Hilton Hotels & Resorts Lets You Travel Without Trade-Offs

Chances are you’ve been missing out on some pretty sweet perks.

Do you remember what you did at the hotel during your last work trip? Maybe you enjoyed the continental breakfast. You might have even taken a dip in the pool. But even if you did *both* of those things, you'd only be scratching the surface when it comes to all the ways Hilton Hotels & Resorts can turn your next business trip into what feels like a mini vacation — seriously!

Here are just a few ways Hilton Hotels & Resorts is upgrading your stay so you can get work done while still maximizing your "me time."

1. Hilton's Five Feet to Fitness rooms come stocked with all the equipment you could ever want or need on your trip (just five feet away from your bed, including a stationary bike and a high-tech workout station with built-in HIIT, cardio, yoga, cycling, stretch, and recovery exercise videos. Start your day by kicking butt on the exercise bike and finish it with a relaxing yoga session — all in the privacy of your own room.

2. Phew, all that exercising means you've worked up quite an appetite. But darn it, your next meeting is starting soon. Good thing there's a Grab & Go market at the hotel with a range of healthy food and beverage options, which will save you time and help you maintain your nutritious eating habits.

3. And when you've spent a very busy but very productive day traveling and in meetings, recharge with a locally inspired craft cocktail in one of Hilton Hotels & Resorts' energetic lobby bars. Psst! Don't forget to check out the variety of zero-proof cocktail options!

4. But the night doesn't have to end there! Hilton Hotels are located in the ~heart~ of each city, so you can literally walk out the front door and hit up all the local hot spots, like The Wharf in Washington, DC, South Beach in Miami, or the Opera District in Paris.

For those reasons and a thousand more, stop booking forgettable work trips, and make the most of your Hilton Hotels & Resorts stay.