14 Stock Photo Models Who Really Need A Vacation

Need to get away? These stock models have your back, and so does Hilton HHonors. Answer travel’s call before August 22, 2013 for a chance to win a Great Weekend Getaway.

1. Are you feeling like you’re a bit overdue for a vacation?

2. Maybe you’re having a hard time coping with the fact that you’re the only person you know who still uses a rotary phone.

3. It could be the fact that you just hate graphs SO much.

4. Or you just forgot how phones work.

5. Maybe you can’t seem to turn on the TV and the cable box at the same time.

6. And shoes…how do they even work?

7. There there…it’ll be okay. A vacation will make it all better.

8. Running errands with your kids is the worst. You don’t even like them.

9. Plus, you’re always losing them.

10. And doors…what’s the point?


11. Your life is pretty much the worst.

12. You can’t stop falling asleep on ladders.

13. And your daughter finally found out that you can’t read.

14. Just FOCUS on all four of your monitors and get your work done.

It’s time for a vacation right now. Right now.

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