12 Reasons Why You Need A Vacation Right Now

Life kind of sucks, that’s why vacations were invented. Hilton HHonors is giving you a chance to win a Great Weekend Getaway by answering the call of travel before August 22, 2013. The excuse you use to get out of the office though is totally up to you.

1. Lately, every day feels the same.

2. You’re SO exhausted when you get up in the morning.

3. You pretty much have no motivation.

4. Nobody appreciates your talents, those dummies.

5. Every task you take on seems to go wrong in some way.

6. You just want to hang out in jeans and a tee shirt all day. What’s even the point of a tie?

7. Your commute is worse than your nightmares.

8. Your office blocked almost every site other than Google.

9. Your coworkers are idiots.

10. Your computer hates you and the IT guy stopped answering your e-mails.


11. Sometimes it just feels like the whole world is against you.

12. Alright, you win. It’s about time for a vacation.

Book that hotel, you earned it.

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