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Nine Times The Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show Summed Up A Night At Frenchman’s

Because Lady Gaga can be applied to any situation in your life.

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When that one friend suggests a night at Frenchman’s.

Go big or stay home.

When you walk in and your favorite jam is playing.

You own this place.

First things first: selfie with the posse!

Gotta post it to Facebook with the obligatory check-in.

You and your crew dancing to Hung Up.

Time goes by so slowly...

Hell no, we're not leaving!

It's only 1:00am!

Getting another pitcher just before last call.

No, this isn't a bad decision at all.

Your proud moment after everyone sings along to All I Want for Christmas…. in July!

That shit is timeless.

Navigating the nasty bathrooms be like:

Why is the toilet just out in the open? Is this a one person or a two person bathroom? Ew, don't touch that.

Closing down the bar after a successful night:

You own this place.

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