Why French Fans Booed Madonna Offstage

They camped out for days, only for the expensive concert to last less than an hour. Some reports say that fans yelled that Madonna was a “slut.”

Madonna performed at Olympia Hall in Paris on Thursday night, and the concert ended to booing fans who threw bottles and chanted criticisms of the singer. According to some reports, fans chanted the French word for slut, while others demanded refunds.

Here’s what happened:

3. First of all, she was really late.

Guy Oseary / AP

Fans complained.

@#MDNAParis When she does start the show after being over an hour + a half late, tell her to shut up. Thanks anyways, Madonna, Your Majesty.— Ana IsAgirl

RT @CarwynTwin: MADONNA will be late for her own funeral!! ;) #MDNAParis— Evan Tuttle

6. And then it ended after 45 or 50 minutes.

Guy Oseary / AP

Fans complained about that too.

That's it? A 50 minute show, that even started over half an hour late? And now it's over. Just like that. #MDNAParis

— Mika Tolvanen (@mikafilm)

That’s it? A 50 minute show, that even started over half an hour late? And now it’s over. Just like that. #MDNAParis— Mika Tolvanen

8. That was all a real bummer, because the tickets were expensive.

JOEL SAGET / Getty Images

They reportedly started at 80 euros, and went up to 280 euros.

9. And also, people had camped out for days before the show.

JOEL SAGET / Getty Images
JOEL SAGET / Getty Images

12. The show also featured this fairly bizarre rendition of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s “Je t’aime.”

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