16 Helpful Tips For Traveling The World

    Traveling internationally is exciting — and also a little daunting.

    1. Charge your phone using the USB port on the side of a hotel TV.

    2. But still, bring a power adapter.

    3. Take a screenshot of walking directions while you have a Wi-Fi connection.

    4. Buy a Wallpaper City Guide.

    5. Better yet, download the app version.

    6. This website is also really awesome.

    7. If you're traveling to multiple cities, book on the region's budget airlines.

    8. But! If you have a big bag, or multiple bags, beware.

    9. You can, thankfully, avoid some of these extra fees by paying for them online in advance.

    10. Figure out what the tipping customs are in the country you're visiting.

    11. Get an international data plan — they aren't that expensive.

    12. Keep track of how much data you're using.

    13. But make sure to cancel the plan when you're back home.

    14. Estimate how much local currency you'll need, and take out that amount from an ATM upon arrival.

    15. Also: Check with your bank before you leave.

    16. Finally, if you're a student, or generally young, don't keep it to yourself.