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14 Random Things You Can Get For Free At Fashion Week

From mini green juice to mini hairspray. And why is everything in a display case?

1. This extremely tiny green juice.

There's a stand giving out these miniature kale and cucumber juices. Lest you drink more than 4 ounces of kale juice!

I've never seen a cup this small.

Hillary Reinsberg

2. Makeup from a vending machine.

Maybelline is giving out makeup at Lincoln Center, but just putting the free lipsticks and mini mascaras on a tray would be so boring. So instead they've brought in a vending machine, where you press a button and some little surprise item comes out (you don't get to choose). Only one person can use the vending machine at a time, so there's a long line.

3. A lint roller.

Always useful. You don't want to go to a fashion show covered in cat hair. Unless it's part of your "look," which frankly is not outside the realm of possibilities.

4. A photo of yourself in front of a sign that says "Style."

You can have your photo taken and get it printed for free. So people will know you have "Style."

5. Mini hairspray OR mousse.

Not both! You have to choose one.

6. A Fiber One bar in a display case.

The ones you can actually take are in a basket. Though the museum display makes them seem very valuable, the woman handing them out is very eager for you to take as many as you want.

7. A yellow Mercedes with suicide doors.

Everyone gets to take one home! (JK.)

8. A battery for your Samsung phone.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can swap out your dead battery for a fully charged one inside the Lincoln Center tents. If you don't have a Samsung Galaxy, there's a charging station, but good luck finding an open outlet.

This woman holds the tray of batteries.

9. The Style section of "The New York Times."

People would probably just throw away the other sections anyway.

10. Valentine's Day cards.

Also in display cases, of course.

11. Electronic cigarettes.


They gave these out at the Duckie Brown show.

12. A mini bottle of purple hairspray.

The mini bottles, which are being handed out at Milk Studios, are perfect for attracting the attention of street style photographers.

13. A small "cleansing slab."

Or, as humans would call it: soap!

14. An endless supply of SmartWater.

Free water bottles are all over the place, environmental concerns be damned.

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