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THEN And NOW: Ryan Lochte's Dramatic Style Evolution

Now: he's wearing stylish suits on the front lines of Fashion Week. Four years ago: he went to fashion shows in ill-fitting purple man blouses.

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Fernando Leon / Getty Images

Ryan Lochte promises to be a big presence at New York Fashion Week this season. We're just one day into the eight days of shows, and he's already attended a handful of shows and parties. E! has even hired him as a Fashion Week correspondent. You're probably thinking, is he ready for all this? And it's a valid question. Though his skills saying full sentences on camera are still improving, what he seems to have down is his wardrobe. Just look at how much his outfits have improved over his Fashion Week career.

NOW: Sleek suits, no ugly belts.

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

If this outfit, which Lochte wore to Wednesday's show for menswear designer Joseph Abboud, is any indication of what he'll be wearing the rest of the week, we can expect more sleek gray suits and skinny knit ties. He looks like he's been going to fashion shows for his whole life.


NOW: All gray with a contrasting brown tie.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

At the WWE SummerSlam VIP Kick-Off Party at the Beverly Hills Hotel on August 16, 2012. An unusual color combination that somehow works.

All in all, he's taking Fashion Week and his role as a fashion journalist of sorts VERY seriously this year, can't you tell?

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

Front row, no smiles.

To whoever his current stylist is: BRAVO! Job well done.

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