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    The Only Cold Remedies That Actually Work

    I've tried almost every over-the-counter cold remedy, and most of them are useless. But not all of them!

    Since childhood, I've been plagued with epically long and torturous stuffy noses and colds. Accordingly, I've spent an inordinate amount of time in the cold-remedies aisle at the local pharmacy. I'm going to try to get you to put down your typical "cold medicine" (because it's useless) and consider trying some things that sound a little weird (just a tiny bit, really) but will actually help you feel less like a piece of crap.

    When you're really stuffed up: The Neti Pot

    The traditional neti pot will look like a little tea kettle, and it will be either ceramic or plastic, like this:

    This woman will demonstrate!

    The Sinus Rinse

    When you have chills: Oscillococcinum

    When you insist on taking a pill: Mucinex

    When your apartment sucks the moisture out of the world: A Humidifier

    When your throat hurts and you're generally feeling helpless: Garlic Ginger Tea

    But don't think you need to get antibiotics.

    At your own discretion, take zinc pills.