The Best And Worst Of Department Stores’ Elaborate Holiday Windows

Some try way too hard, some hardly even try at all.

1. Bloomingdales

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Flying jellyfish/jesters: +3

Flying horses: +2
Men in ponytails: +3

Doll in a bowl with a huge cane and oversized lamp looking like he’s on the toilet: -3

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

This completely nonsensical scene: -1

5. Barneys

The theme is “Disney Electric Holiday” which makes exactly zero percent sense: -5

Barneys New York / AP

One of the main windows is just Minnie Mouse checking herself out in a mirror: -3

Fashion personalities illustrated as Disney character, however, are awesome and I would like to know if I can get one: +5

Minnie Mouse in a skanky outfit. Not necessary: -2

Trendy yet blasé Goofy walking the runway in absurd menswear, though, is fairly amazing: +5

10. Bergdorf Goodman

Flapper theme is apropos of nothing, but well-executed nonetheless: +1

Floating man!: +2

Headless man: -2

Put a bird on it: +1

Flying poodles: +12

15. Saks

The theme is…people standing in a room: -2

But maybe it’s a nod to the end of Gossip Girl?: +1

Nah, it’s basically just people in a room: -2

But then…a WALRUS with a Playbill: +8

19. Macy’s

Weirdly skinny pink doll appears possessed: -2
Green doll appears generally creepy: -3

Somewhat charming scene of a family watching floats in a parade: +5

Cute mini escalators: +3
But wait, death escalator that leads to nowhere in the middle: -2

And for the tally!

Bloomingdales: 4
Barneys: 0
Bergdorf Goodman: 13
Saks: 5
Macys: 1

Ultimately, Bergdorf’s excellent use of flying animals and beautiful vintage dresses put them on top. Barneys’ perplexing Disney collaboration, meanwhile, left them in last. Saks’ unexpected walrus at the theater redeemed an otherwise lackluster display, while Bloomingdales and Macys were both well-presented, but kind of “meh.”

Thoughts? Please weigh in below.

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