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    Should A Woman's Hair Cut Cost More Than A Man's?

    Over 100 New York City salons and barbershops just got fined for charging men and women different prices for various services. Is that fair? Sometimes.

    Conventional wisdom would say that women's haircuts are more labor intensive. Women tend to have longer hair and more complex styles, and frequently receive a blowout after their cut. Most men, on the other hand, tend to get a brief trim or buzz before they're on their way. Nothing too groundbreaking here.

    So is it fair to charge women more?

    New York City says no – and it's fined over 100 salons and barbershops for charging differently for a variety of services from haircuts to waxes to manicures.

    That said, it's not always the women who have to pay more for beauty services. Some salons charge more for giving men manicures, saying their fingers tend to demand more cleaning. But city officials say that's a no-go also.

    Let's examine some various services and think about what would be fair — and how to address this problem.

    1. Manicures

    2. Pedicures

    3. Haircuts

    4. Waxing