"Rural Wearable Art Showcase" Includes Clothing Made Of Grass, Duct Tape, And Cow Medication

National Agricultural Fieldays is a massive agricultural trade show in Hamilton, New Zealand. Today, they put on an agriculture-themed fashion show where designers are tasked with creating “wearable art garments from materials found and / or used on farms or the land.” Here’s what it looked like.

1. This model’s head appears to be sprouting from a bird’s nest inside a large cone collar.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

She also had a crotch plow.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

2. Here’s a bedazzled butterfly.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

3. And just what I’ve always wanted: an outfit made up of multi-colored duct tape and tubes of cow medication.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

The tubes say DryClox DC, which is an anti-bacterial medication for cows.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

4. This drum is not only wearable, but also playable.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

It’s made from plastic agricultural tubes, which I guess are good for farming.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

5. A crocheted carousel.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

Aside from the horses, what does this have to do with farming?

6. A dress made of plastic gloves!

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

7. It reminds me of this iconic Maison Martin Margiela top, which is made of leather gloves.

8. This ensemble consists of feathers, poles, pieces of metal, and burlap-like material.

Sandra Mu / Getty Images

Points for trying to fit a whole farm into one outfit.

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