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Reviewed: The Velvet Manicure

I've been petting my fuzzy nails all day.

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The people who brought you the Caviar manicure have a new product on their hands: the Velvet manicure. The set, which will sell at Sephora for $19 starting in August, includes a polish, some velvety powder, and a little brush. We gave it a whirl.

Soooo... Here's how it works:


Apply the velvet powder liberally, tapping on the bottle to make it come out. Don't worry about running out — you won't.

If you have friends around, you might have them help you with the sprinkling. It's definitely easier than doing it yourself.


So: is it worth it?

It doesn't really feel like velvet, or really look like velvet. It's pretty subtle. I thought it was pretty easy to do, and I'm having fun petting my fuzzy nails. But I guess it looks a little bit gross.

BuzzFeed Cultural Director Jamie Urso said it looked like "scraping your nails against something while they were still wet."

"It looks like you put a thumbprint on your nail," Senior Editor Katie Notopoulos reasoned.

BuzzFeed Shift Intern Jessica Testa put it this way: "I think it'd be enjoyable for a night out, but that's it." Even a few hours later, the fuzz has started to wear off considerably.

Look, if you have a half hour to spare, $20 laying around, a space you don't mind getting a little messy, a fondness for fuzzy textures, and a desire to be on the cutting edge of manicure trends, well then by all means, go for it. Otherwise, you've been warned.

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