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39 Delicious New York City Foods That Deserve More Hype

Congratulations, you've graduated from the Cronut-and-Katz's pastrami level of your NYC eating education. In this advanced class, we'll explore lesser-known and often overlooked foods that actually taste better anyway.

1. Patacones at Cachapas Y Mas

2. Sesame Pancake at Vanessa's Dumplings

3. Egg, Cheese, and Chorizo Sandwich at Eggs Travaganza

4. Peking Duck Bun at Corner 28

5. Royale With Cheese at Royale

6. Two Doubles at A&A Bake and Doubles Shop

7. Perfect Little Egg Sandwich at Dominique Ansel

8. Sandwich at Alidoro

9. Wontons In Chili Oil at White Bear

10. Soba at Cocoron

11. Peel Noodles at Sheng Wang

12. Pierogies at Lomzynianka

13. Spicy And Sour Lamb Dumplings at Xi'An Famous Foods

14. Ramen at Benkei Ramen

15. Pumpkin Bun at Golden Steamer

16. Date, Lime, and Banana Smoothie at Taim

17. Takoyaki at Otafuku

18. Chickpea Fries at Peacefood Cafe

19. Arepas at The Arepa Lady

20. Carte De Musica at John Dory Oyster Bar

21. Chocolate Babka at Breads Bakery

22. Cheetos Macaron at Macaron Parlor

23. Almond Croissant at Almondine

24. Gelato at A.B. Biagi

25. Black Sesame Ice Cream at The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

26. Swingle at Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie

27. Cream Puff at Caprices By Sophie

28. Carrot Cake at Lloyd's Carrot Cake

29. Pesto Slice at Dani's House Of Pizza

30. M.O.R. Pizza at Denino's

31. Square Slice at L&B Spumoni Gardens

32. Tacos at Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos

33. Breakfast Burrito at Stan's Cafecito

34. Smoked Salmon at Acme Smoked Fish

35. Banh Xeo at Bún-Ker Vietnamese

36. Mozzarella at Casa Della Mozzarella

37. Sushi at Bugs

38. Ghenet Combination at Ghenet

39. Grits at SCRATCHbread