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Molly Ringwald: "I Drink The Blood Of Kristen Stewart"

The '80s teen goddess did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, revealing that she drinks the blood of teen stars and why she still loves "The Breakfast Club."

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Ringwald's had quite a week on the interwebs. First, she joined Twitter, and most recently, took to Reddit to answer questions about her life and career from inquiring Redditors. You'd think that more than 25 years since the films' release, Ringwald would have tired of answering questions about "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles," but that's not the case at all. Which is awesome.

So! We learned a bunch of things. For one, she's funny!


She also really likes Reddit.

She was sort of offered Julia Roberts' role in "Pretty Woman"! How crazy would that have been?


"Breakfast Club" was her favorite John Hughes movie (mine too, of course!). She also... has dinner with Bret Easton Ellis. The 80s are alive!

She can't really do the "lipstick trick" in "The Breakfast Club." Bummer.

Here's what she's talking about, by the way.

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