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    Inside The Crazy World Of Rihanna's Instagram Commenters

    Rihanna's Instagram has already made headlines for its scandalous photos, but have you taken a look at the people who comment on them? They're a group of shameless, Emoji-loving groupies trying to take celebrity fandom to a new level.

    Perhaps no celebrity's Instagram feed highlights the special nature of the medium's commenters quite like Rihanna's.

    Commenting on Instagram is different from commenting on Twitter or Facebook. First, it's more difficult to track a single user's comments on Instagram than other social networks since they're not all centrally located on a profile page. Thus trolls who constantly reply to or harass a celebrity on Instagram are harder to suss out, which probably makes everyone comment more openly.

    While web browser interfaces exist for Instagram, users typically comment via cell phones, which can type all-important Emoji icons. This allows them to get expressive in so many unique ways. Here's a closer look at the Instagram commenting phenomenon as viewed through badgalriri's feed.

    Some ask Rihanna to marry them.

    Others just want to hang out.

    Many waste a lot of space with emoticons, perhaps in the hope of getting noticed by Rihanna. (Or maybe these people are just trolls.)

    Some try to get her attention by doing this:

    Others still are just confused.

    Some people just want to light one up with RiRi.

    There are a few realists in the bunch.

    And attempts to spark thoughtful conversations that don't work.

    Actually, it's called PARENT SUPERVISION.

    Of course, tons of fans just want to tell Rihanna how much they love her.

    Finally, some people just want to say Hi.

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