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Dr. Ruth Says She Would "Go For A Night" With Christian Grey

In two enthusiastic video reviews of Fifty Shades Of Grey, 84-year-old sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer admits: "I'm not saying it's fantastic literature, but it certainly is a good read. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

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"It shows that love conquers because by the end of that third book he doesn't need these sadistic tendencies to have an erection."

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She says in the above video that the book shows that "if you find the right partner, it is wonderful." So apparently 50 Shades chronicles a a model relationship. Who knew?

"I would also go for a night with him, not because of the sadistic element — that's not for me — but because he has a plane, he has a helicopter, he knows how to deal with women."

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She adds that the books are "proof that literature, or reading, or even visual material will help women to get aroused." And, "I would like men to read that book too" — though she doesn't get into detail about why.

Remember, Dr. Ruth is very enthusiastic about many things — not just kinky novels. Last week, she recommended women try to meet men by purchasing a new Microsoft tablet (and Microsoft didn't pay her to say that).

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