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    An Imaginary First Act Of A Spice Girls' Musical, Presented In 17 GIFs

    A new musical called Viva Forever! will be based on songs by the Spice Girls. The storyline won't focus on the girl group, but in my dream world it would β€” and the first act would go something like this.

    1. The show opens with a splashy intro number! A Spice Girls medley plays, glitter spews everywhere.

    2. Then the plot β€” the MEAT of this thing β€” begins. It is January 1997.

    3. The world has caught "Wannabe" fever.

    4. The Spice Girls have just learned they'll embark on their first world tour. Naturally, they're thrilled.

    5. Over the next few weeks of rehearsal, the Spice Girls' heads are elsewhere. They are daydreaming about international fame.

    6. But the tour must go on. It kicks off in Dublin, where Posh frets about the humidity ruining her stick-straight hair.

    7. Nerves aside, the first show is perfect.

    8. The Spice Girls are quickly becoming the world's biggest stars.

    9. But after nine consecutive shows in London, the Spice Girls become weary.

    10. Baby Spice snaps. She feels like it's complete rubbish that Posh always uses up all the outlets with her various hair straighteners.

    11. Ginger, Sporty and Scary are likewise stressed.

    12. But Posh, icy as ever, is unfazed.

    13. An upset Baby Spice runs off in tears.

    14. She retreats to her hotel room, where she glances out the window.

    15. Posh is still just like, "Whaatever! Stop whining, Baby!" She is also thinking about her new romance with David Beckham.

    16. She then proceeds to get drunk.

    17. Ginger, Sporty and Scary just keep dancing. End scene.

    Stay tuned for the second Act, in which Ginger announces she's leaving the group and Posh starts getting serious with David Beckham!

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