A Complete History Of Blue Ivy’s Glamorous Baby Slings

Yesterday, Beyoncé took Blue Ivy out on the town in a faux fur baby sling. This is hardly the flashiest wrapping the child has been seen wearing.

1. February 25

Beyoncé swathed Blue in a black blanket.

2. February 26

Little Ivy took New York by storm in black-and-white leopard print.

3. March 9

Beyoncé wrapped the cherub in a fluffy white blanket.

4. March 13

An extremely rare sighting of Blue Ivy in a traditional Baby Bjorn. Beyoncé’s look made up for any and all genericalness (yes, that is a word!) of the infant’s look.

5. March 27

Finally, the faux fur sling.

Don’t tell me you don’t feel underdressed now.

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