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    8 Nail Polish Colors You'll Always Regret

    Neon! Glitter! Crackle! It's all part of the current weird nail polish craze. But have you ever painted your nails neon green, only to wish you hadn't a day later? I polled some friends about the nail polish decisions they routinely regret.

    1. Crackle Polish

    "I was so excited when my office got a free sample of that crackle nail polish that I put it on over my fresh manicure. A day later, it looked and felt like dried up cream cheese."

    2. Black

    "It seems like it'll be cool and badass at the time. But then you try to take it off a few days later and your finger nails look rotten."

    3. A Color You Copied From A Celebrity

    "Once, I copied a color that I saw one of the actresses from '90210' wearing. Yes, the new '90210,' I'm the worst. I couldn't stop thinking about that stupid actress all week. And it's called 'The It Color,' which makes it even worse."

    4. Reverse French Manicure

    "I know it's trendy, but let's be clear: it's the nail equivalent of wearing lipliner without lipstick."

    5. Royal Blue

    "I got this color called 'Mesmerize' by Essie once and it was awful. I looked like I belonged in a Limited Too catalog."

    6. Glitter With No Base Color


    "It just ends up looking like you didn't wash your hands after a craft project."

    7. Neon

    "I know everyone is obsessed with neon, but it looks awful when it chips. Which is usually after, like, two days."

    8. Bright Green


    "I had lunch with my grandmother while I had green on my nails. She asked, 'Is it St. Patrick's Day?' She had a point!"

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