7 Things To Know About Being A Lax Bro

An article in The Boston Globe digs deep into the lax bro ethos. Here’s what we learned.

1. You can be a lax bro before you hit double digits.

“Brookline third-grader Beau Keough considers himself more than a dedicated lacrosse player. At 9 years old, he is already a lax bro.”

2. You should be confident, but not arrogant.

“It is easy to spot them. Lax bros display a certain understated confidence that critics call arrogance.”

3. You should dress like this.

“They dress in colorful board shorts, flat-brim hats, and bright half-calf socks.”

4. You should have a lot of lacrosse “stuff” and you should think “lacrosse is cool.”

“‘You have to have a lot of the stuff, wear it a lot of the time,’ said Keough, who plays on the town team. ‘Lacrosse is cool.’”

5. You should refer to your lacrosse stick as a “spoon.”

“They carry lacrosse sticks, or ‘spoons,’ on and off the field.”

6. You should refer to your shaggy hair as “lettuce.”

“They wear their hair long, a look known as “lettuce.’”

7. You should prepare for the backlash.

“Some youth lacrosse leagues discourage any association between players and the lax bro lifestyle.

‘We are anti-lax bro,’ said Dan Chouinard, program director for the Boston club team Laxachusetts.”

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