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    7 Jobs You Can Still Land To Work At The Olympics

    You might not be able to get tickets to the Games in London at this point, but you can still get some good Olympics action if you're willing and qualified to work for it. A few jobs at the Games are still hiring!

    You could be...

    1. A Backpack Beer Vendor

    The job involves "serving draft beer, wine and cocktails from a backpack" as well as "hawking drinks through crowds of people" at Olympic venues, like the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatic Center.

    Apply here.

    2. A Ceiling Fixer

    Ceilings need fixing at the Olympics! An Olympic Induction (i.e. a clearance pass to work on the Olympic grounds) is required — getting one involves taking a safety exam and then registering with Olympic authorities.

    Apply here.

    3. A Guide For Pedestrians Walking From One Venue To Another

    "The Last Mile," described as "the pedestrian route for spectators between each London 2012 competition venue and designated transport hubs" needs a team to help keep the paths safe and prevent overcrowding.

    Apply here.

    4. A Night Shift Stock Room "Leader"

    Not only can you oversee a stock room for retail operations at the Games, you can even do it at night so you don't miss any of the day's sporting events. You'll have direct access to all the official Olympics paraphernalia to make sure a steady flow of hats, sweatshirts and whatever other stuff they're selling is readily available for fans to purchase.

    Apply here.

    5. An Intelligence Researcher

    You'll help the security team with research, basically acting as an in-house CIA agent for the Games, making sure no one's running around with bombs and taking other such safety measures.

    Apply here.

    6. A Deputy Residential Services Lead In The Olympic Villages

    This one will you get close to the athletes, since it's located in the Olympic Village. The job entails helping out with general operations and customer service in the Olympic Village, where the athletes live during the games. So, you'll basically be a dorm RA for Olympians. This might mean mediating brawls between athletes, but in all likelihood, it'll probably involve more mundane tasks like helping them out when they're locked out of their rooms.

    Apply here.

    7. A Chef

    Olympic athletes eat a lot. Michael Phelps was rumored to eat 12,000 calories a day. No wonder they're still hiring 50 chefs. NOTE: You'll need to supply your own knives.

    Apply here.

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