5 Rumors About The Spice Girls’ Unconfirmed Olympics Performance

It’s all but definite that the Spice Girls are reuniting once again to perform at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies on August 12. Here are some of the rumors about the alleged show.

1. 1. They’ve been rehearsing in London all week.

Ian West / AP

So says the The Sunday Mirror’s celebrity and entertainment columnist:

So the Spice Girls are all together rehearsing for the Olympics RIGHT NOW in London. #itsonbitches— deanpiper

3. 2. Victoria Beckham is being a total diva.

KI PRICE / Reuters

According to Perez Hilton:

“Victoria Beckham has outrageous demands. Let’s just say that they are paying at least $15,000 for Victoria Beckham’s hair, make-up and stylist. In comparison, the other Spice Girls cost one-fourth of what Victoria is costing.”

4. 3. This rhinestone microphone might make a repeat appearance.

Victoria Beckham used it during the Spice Girls reunion tour in 2007. She recently tweeted about unearthing it, leading some to believe it might be part of the Olympic performance.

Look what I found!! X vb http://t.co/qmGvshEt— Victoria Beckham

6. 4. Giles Deacon is dressing Beckham.

PIERRE VERDY / Getty Images

Rumors swirled that designer Gilles Deacon (a model from his 2011 show seen here) would be designing the outfits for the Spice Girls’ alleged Closing Ceremonies performance. Why? Because Victoria Beckham tweeted about it:

Morning fitting with @gilesgilesgiles, cuddle with @kegrand bunny!! X vb http://t.co/M2dpwbTx

— Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)

Morning fitting with @gilesgilesgiles, cuddle with @kegrand bunny!! X vb http://t.co/M2dpwbTx— Victoria Beckham

Grazia Daily reports that Deacon isn’t dressing the whole crew, meaning might be dressing only Posh.

8. 5. Zuhair Murad is also designing outfits.


Murad is known for outfitting celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Miley Cyrus. Above is one of the Lebanese designer’s dresses from his 2010 couture show.

Mel B. tweeted that she’s excited to wear his clothes:

Can't wait to wear Zuhair Murad clothes this weekend!!

— Melanie Brown (@OfficialMelB)

Can’t wait to wear Zuhair Murad clothes this weekend!!— Melanie Brown

Maybe each Spice Girl is being dressed by a different designer.

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