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5 Epic News Dumps On The Year's Craziest Day

As the world obsessively followed the Boston manhunt, it was an ideal time for organizations to dump news they hoped the world would ignore. Two more seasons of Glee! Marissa Mayer speaks!

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1. The Boy Scouts finally took a stance on the issue of gay scouts.

Tony Gutierrez, File / AP

Responding to a months-long controversy, the Boy Scouts of America called for a lift on the long-standing ban on gay members Friday. A board still has to actually vote on this in May, and the proposal only extends to gay scouts — not adults involved with the organization.

3. At last, Marissa Mayer said something about that Yahoo work-from-home ban.

NBC, Peter Kramer, file / AP

After two months of silence on the subject, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer finally (finally!) chose to speak out on her ban on working from home during the most hectic week of news of the year. "I need to talk about the elephant in the room," she said at a conference.

She reportedly admitted, "People are more productive when they're alone," but emphasized that "they're more collaborative and innovative when they're together. Some of the best ideas come from pulling two different ideas together."

She also addressed the media's reaction to her decision, saying, "It was wrongly perceived as an industry narrative."

4. Yahoo also announced that it would be discontinuing a bunch of products.


"Today we are shutting down a few more products," a press release on Yahoo's blog reads. You can say goodbye to Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo Kids, and a few others.